Gigondas 2017 Château de Saint Cosme

Top Gigondas van misschien wel de beste wijnmaker uit het gebied.
  • Smaakprofiel
    Krachtig & complex
  • Druivenras
    Syrah, Cinsault, Garnacha, Grenache, Mourvèdre, Shiraz
  • Herkomst
    Frankrijk, Rhône
Normale prijs € 34,75 Speciale prijs € 29,75
Op voorraad

Wijnmaker Louis Barruol schrijft het volgende over zijn 2017 Gigondas:'70% Grenache - 14% Syrah – 15% Mourvèdre - 1% Cinsault. Whole clusters. Aged for twelve months: 20% in new casks - 50% in casks used for 1 to 4 wines - 30% in concrete tanks. Limestone marl and Miocene sand. Being a winegrower implies searching for, and perfecting, ways of maximising sense of place in one’s wines over an entire lifetime. Each location creates a kind of ‘technical pathway’. Each decision by a winegrower is like a crossroads where he or she can take the right, or the wrong, direction. There are no shortcuts and, generally speaking, when the wrong decision is made, it is hard to make amends. So, finding the right path for each location involves searching for a site’s ‘solution’, like a puzzle you attempt to solve. The ‘solution’ is quite simply allowing the ‘terroir’ to express itself freely. It is within this scheme of things, and only this one, that a wine can find its truth, its vibrancy, its consistency, and this intimate logic that is expressed throughout its life. Because wine is not a snapshot, but rather a feature film. So, when it comes to assessing a wine, it is better to have seen the whole film, and not just a few shots from the first five minutes. Strawberry, violet, liquorice, pepper. Bottled without filtration.'
ClassificatieAOC Gigondas
SmaakprofielKrachtig & complex
DruivenrasCinsault, Garnacha, Grenache, Mourvèdre, Syrah, Shiraz
WijnmakerSaint Cosme
Op dronk vanaf2020
Op dronk tot2029
Parker: Loaded with notes of black olives and black cherries, the full-bodied 2017 Gigondas is rich and velvety in the mouth. I'm not sure it's quite as good as the 2018, but it's certainly no slouch, with a long, silky finish that picks up a hint of cocoa.

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